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  • Solar GI HRAM

    High Resolution Anorectal Manometry (HRAM) is able to establish conventional man...

  • Solar GI HRIM

    Solar GI GRIM combines High Resolution Manometry with Impedance

  • Solar GI HRM

    High Resolution Manometry can be used to diagnose swallowing disorders and measu...

  • Nexam Pro

    Nexam Pro is the most user-friendly professional urodynamic system currently a...

  • Solar GI

    It's the complete solution for stationary motility testing

  • Flowmaster

    Flowmaster is a computer-based flowmeter designed for flow studies

  • Orion II

    Orion II is a user-friendly ambulatory pH recorder used for diagnose Gastro Esop...

  • Ohmega

    Ohmega is a small and lightweight Ambulatory Impedance-pH Recorder