T-DOC® Air-Charged™ Urodynamic Catheter

T-DOC® Air-Charged™ catheters are precise and simple to use for Urodynamic studies

T-DOC® Air-Charged™ disposable catheters use tiny pressure-sensing air balloons to assess internal pressures. Barely larger than the diameter of the catheter itself, these balloons offer circumferential pressures for a clear and complete set of data for diagnosis.

Faster and simpler to set up than any other technology, T-DOC® Air-Charged™ Catheters are also less sensitive to patient movement. All of this means less time per procedure, less time in set-up and clean up, and less staff training required, which means more patients may be seen in less time. In addition, by eliminating the need to irrigate the patient with large quantities of water, disposable T-DOC® catheters also improve hygiene and patient comfort.

For additional detail about the T-DOC® Air-Charged™ Catheter line, view the Air-Charged Catheter section of our Consumables Catalogue. 

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