DWL Multi-Dop X Digital

Multi-Dop® X digital has been developed to support complex applications and special function tests

DWL® Doppler technology with unprecedented signal quality in a fully comprehensive configuration. Due to its highly ergonomic control concept, a broad range of applications is easily accessible at any time: A fully adjustable 22“ monitor as well as an ergonomic system cart with extendable operation cockpit and freely programmable touchscreen remote control makes for fast and intuitive operation of the system. The option of a fully integrated CO2 module facilitates a dependable evaluation of cerebral autoregulation.

Multi-Dop® X digital has been developed to support complex applications and special function tests. The system is being used increasingly by the science and researchcommunity.


Combined with the fixations and special monitoring probes developed by DWL®, the Multi-Dop® X digital facilitatescontinuous monitoring and recording of the cerebral blood flow.


Using the specially developed DWL® software modules for detecting and differentiating microemboli, solid and gaseous emboli can be detected and analysed.


In addition, software modules are available for use when performing cerebral autoregulation examinations. By use of the CO2/VMR test it is possible to evaluate cerebral autoregulation non-invasively.


With the Doppler M-Mode it is possible to measure through the entire depth range. Intensity, flow direction and depth information are displayed in real time.

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