Desara® SL

Desara® SL offers many options in a short transobturator sling

Desara® SL is the perfect solution for surgeons who want more options in a short transobturator sling.


Desara® SL Delivers Ease of Use

• Easy to see blue midline marker aids in expediting placement.
• No extra step required to center Desara® SL; nothing to cut or remove.


Desara® SL Reduces the Amount of Mesh Implanted

• Desara® SL is 12 cm long vs. the traditional sling length of 45 cm.
• Mesh extends only 1-2 cm beyond the obturator membrane limiting the presence of mesh in the adductor muscles.


Desara® SL Delivers the Confidence You Desire with Less Mesh

In a prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial2, a modified transobturator procedure with a shorter mesh, similar to Desara® SL resulted in:
• 90.7% success rate.
• Decreased immediate post-op groin pain with the modified transobturator procedure vs. the original inside-out transobturator procedure.


Desara® SL Offers Unparalleled Versatility

Desara® SL can be implanted utilizing 4 transobturator approaches using the same trusted stainless steel reusable introducers as Desara®:
• Inside-Out.
• Outside-In: Helical, Large Helical, and Hook.

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